I help entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses of all sorts create better applications, websites, and products. I focus on great experiences for users and improved outcomes for my clients. I believe in effective design and experiences over just making something "look cool."

Is it artistic? Absolutely. Technical? Definitely. More importantly, it's about balancing the needs of the user, business concerns, and development needs.

It isn't easy, but it needs to be done. More on what I can do here.

In addition to nudging bits, coaxing pixels, and Vulcan mind-melding with users, I aspire to work with individuals and companies that truly believe that the goal of business should be more than profit or ego. That it can be about creating meaning, solving important problems, building something wonderful, or heck, just enjoying the process.

The other stuff:

A New York State native, I've lived in cities on three continents. I'm an avid reader and particularly enjoy works of history, biography, natural history, literature, science-fiction, technology, and culture.

I love the outdoors and think the best place in the world is the top of a mountain.

Want to get in touch? Send an email: rob [at] rob mod [dot] me.


Q: Who do you work with?

A: It's a diverse crowd: funded startups, growing companies, thought leaders, among others. I like to work with people who care about what they do and are in it for something more than a paycheck: to be helpful, to contribute, to have fun, or to just build something great.

Q: What kind of projects do you work on?

A: I work on web applications, marketing sites, and all sorts of digital projects.

Q: When's the best time to start an engagement?

A: It depends heavily on the type of project, but if you're looking for a better user experience, I recommend making that part of the process from the very beginning. Design and user experience isn't a veneer applied at the end, but is a fundamental part of any product. It's what it does and how it works, as much as how it looks.

Q: What's a typical length of engagement?

A: It varies. I'm available for both shorter and longer-term projects.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Each project is different, so reach out for a personalized estimate.

Q: Do you do SEO?

A: I'm not an expert in link-building or other SEO strategies. As always, the best marketing strategy is to make a great product. However, if putting some effort into SEO makes sense for you, I'm happy to connect you with one of the SEO experts I know.

Q: Kirk or Picard?

A: Picard. I'm a TNG guy all the way.

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